following The Way® is a journey along the Four Paths that are at the heart of Christianity.  You will learn how to identify your personal mission by centering your entire life (vocational, relational, intellectual and incarnational) in the love of God and neighbor.


Led by Rev. Rich Nelson, an Episcopal priest, poet, pilgrim, and spiritual director, our group will walk together over the 2020-21 academic year through the twelve stages of The Disciple's Journey (commonly called The Hero’s Journey). In following The Way you will identify your primary spiritual type, take honest appraisal of where you are in the narrative of your life’s journey and discern where you want to go. In the end, we will work our way towards the Sacred Center, that place where we meet Christ and meet our truest self.

We will meet Thursday nights at 8pm in small groups, with an option for online or in person. Sign up below and then download the weekly schedule here.